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Caire Freestyle Comfort portable oxygen concentrator with 16 Cell Battery

The Caire Freestyle comfort is a high flow lightweight portable oxygen concentrator. Weighing in at only 5lbs (2.3kg), this portable unit provides oxygen users with a pulse on demand flow from 1lpm upto 5lpm.

*This product is the Engineer’s Choice for reliability and support. Caire provide a 3 year sieve warranty with any necessary work completed in the UK.


Product code: 00188

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Product Information

The Caire Freestyle comfort is a high capacity portable oxygen concentrator that provides patients with all the oxygen they need.
This lightweight and compact device boasts five pulse on demand settings (1-5lpm) and is light enough to carry comfortably , weighing in at only 5lbs lbs (2.3kg).
This portable unit has a unique, and very attractive look which rests against the natural curves of the body making it more comfortable to wear when out and about.
The Caire FreeStyle Comfort is incredibly simple and easy to use with just three buttons to power on/off the machine and adjust the flow to the desired setting – The only buttons an oxygen user is ever likely to need on a portable oxygen concentrator.
The large LCD screen shows current setting and remaining battery life in colour. Should the Comfort sound an alarm IE low battery or detached nasal cannula, the user will be prompted with an easy to understand graphic on the display to help troubleshoot the problem.
The Caire FreeStyle Comfort is available with a detachable 8 or 16 cell battery that conveniently slots onto the bottom of the machine.

What Comes In The Package

– x1 Caire Freestyle Comfort unit
– x1 Rechargeable Battery – (16 cell standard package )
– x1 AC worldwide Voltage mains adaptor
– x1 DC car power supply
– x1 Carry Bag
– x1 User Manual
– X1Rechargable 16 cell battery ( option extra) (standard package comes complete with 8 cell battery)

Technical Specification

8 Cell Package
Size – H 10 in x W 7.3 in x D 3.1 in
H 25.4 cm x W 18.5 cm x D 7.9 cm
Weight – 5 lbs/ 2.3kg weight includes battery
Sound Level – 43 dBA (on setting 2)

16 Cell Package
Size – H 11 in x W 7.3 in x D 3.1 in
H 27.9 cm x W 18.5 cm x D 7.9 cm
Weight – 6lbs/2.7kg weight includes battery
Sound Level – 43 dBA (on setting 2)

Battery Charge Time

8 cell battery – 3.5 hours
16 cell battery – 6 hours


Caire Freestyle Comfort Unit & Sieve beds – 3 years warranty
Batteries & Accessories – 12 months warranty


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