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Service and Support – Portable Oxygen Company

We pride ourselves on outstanding customer service here at Pure O2; let’s face it – our portable oxygen company reputation depends on it.

Our service centre is run by engineers who are fully qualified in their respected fields, and between them have experience working in British Aerospace and MOD environments.

Our engineers are on hand 24/7 for any questions or queries you may have regarding any of our oxygen range. They handle all products with care and professionalism, and all servicing is done to the manufacturer’s highest standards. Pure O2 manufacturers comply with the international standard ISO 13485, ISO 9001, which is given to every piece of equipment that Pure O2 supplies, as we know peace of mind is always important. Our Care team aim to return your oxygen product fully serviced within two to five working days. And if there’s a problem with your concentrator – don’t worry; Pure O2 offer a backup loan unit so you can carry on with your day-to-day independence whilst your unit is in safe hands. Oh, and did we mention delivery is free? Once again, Pure O2 provide another money-saving process, helping you save where you can.

Our after-sales service is of the utmost important to us; all medical customers, NHS Trusts, private institutions, trade businesses, individuals and charities are supplied with our 24-hour care line, and when we say 24 hours a day – we deliver. The Pure O2 after-sales team are committed to assisting with any problems that may occur. From your initial enquiry, it is our policy that you, the customer, will be assigned one of our dedicated customer care personnel who will be here whenever you require us.