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SeQual eQuinox Portable Oxygen Concentrator NEW

The SeQual eQuinox is the newest, quietest, and most advanced portable concentrator on the market.
The Equinox weighs just over 6kg (14lbs)  providing oxygen user with continuous flow from 0.5lpm  – 3lpm and pulse on demand mode of 1-6lpm.
The Equinox unit is a third lighter and 33% smaller than other 3 litre  continuous flow units available.
Featuring auto SAT technology capable of monitoring oxygen users breathing and guarantees a maximum dose for each breath.

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Product code: 00205  Part# 4972-SEQ

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Product Information

The SeQual eQuinox is the quietest, and most advanced transportable  oxygen concentrator in its class.   Weighing in at just 14 pounds (6.4kg) this all in one portable device offers oxygen users continuous flow from 0.5 -3 lpm (adjustable in 0.5 increments )  and pulse on demand flow from 1-6 lpm.  The Equinox can be used overnight with CPAP and other Bi-Level devices in continuous flow.
The SeQual equinox offers a new level of comfort for day to day activities, travelling needs and overnight requirements.  Not only does the SeQual eQuinox offer users longer lasting battery times, this particular model has the new added voice feature, providing verbal communication of flow rate changes, assisting in providing a higher level of comfort and reassurance for all oxygen patients.

What Comes In The Package

– x1 Equinox Unit
– x1 Rechargeable battery
– x1 AC worldwide mains adaptor
– x1 DC Car power supply
– x1 Big Wheel Trolley
– x1 Accessory bag
– x1 User Manual
– x1 Rechargeable 24 cell battery (optional extra)
– x1 Desktop charger (optional extra)
– x1 Humidifier Kit (optional extra)
– x1 Large Accessory travel bag  (optional extra)
– x1 Wheel chair harness (optional extra)

Technical Specification

Size –  H 13.6 in  x  W 10.6 in  x  7.4 in
H  34.5 cm  x  W 26.9 cm  x  D 18.8 cm
Weight – 14 lb (6.4 kg) -with 12 cell Power Cartridge (battery) included
Weight – 15.8 lb (7.2 kg) – with 24 cell  power cartridge (battery) included
Sound Level – 45 dBA (on setting 2 lpm continuous flow)
90%-3%/+5.5% Oxygen Purity at all settings
Multi-Language Voice Interface
Advanced  pulse settings up to 9 Lpm  with bolus sizes from 16mL to 192mL per breath


SeQual equinox Unit – 3 years warranty
Batteries – 12 months warranty


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