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Inogen One G3 lightweight 5lpm portable oxygen concentrator – 16 cell

The Inogen One G3  lightweight portable oxygen concentrator  offers pulse on demand oxygen flow from 1-5lpm  Weighing an impressive 2.2kg  (4.9lbs – 8 cell battery inserted) , the Inogen One G3 is simply ahead of its time. Offering a larger battery option  (16 cell) for greater time away from the mains, this portable device  has everything you need to lead an independent lifestyle while receiving oxygen therapy.

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Product code: 00180 Part#IS-300-UK

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Product Information

The  Inogen One G3 5 version offers oxygen users pulse on demand flow from 1-5lpm.  Weighing in at 2.2kg (4.9lbs  – 8 cell battery inserted) this portable device strikes the perfect balance between those wanting a lightweight solution  and the flexibility of delivering oxygen at a more demanding level.
The Inogen One G3 can be won easily over the shoulder in the protective smart and stylish bag or a  back pack can be added (option extra) for greater independence
The user-interface is  very clear and extremely easy to operate with a white back-lit LCD display that shows the remaining battery operation time in hours/minutes and the current setting being used.

The Inogen One  G3 is available with either an 8 cell battery  or a 16 cell battery, both providing excellent battery time away from the mains making daily life more convenient without compromising on performance.

What Comes In The Package

– x1 Inogen One G3 unit
– x1 Rechargeable battery ( 8 cell or 16 cell)
– x1 AC worldwide mains adaptor
– x1 DC car power supply
– x1 Carry bag
– x1 User Manual
– x1 8 cell Rechargeable battery (optional extra)
– x1 16 cell Rechargeable battery (optional extra)
– x1 Desktop charger  (optional extra)
– x1 Back pack (option extra)

Technical Specification

Size with single battery (8 cell)
D / W / H : 3 in. (7.6 cm.) / 8.75 in. (22.2cm.) / 7.25 in. (18.4 cm.)
Weight: 4.9 pounds (2.2 Kg.) (includes single 8 cell battery)

Size with double battery (16 cell)
D / W / H : 3 in. (7.6 cm.) / 8.75 in. (22.2 cm.) / 8in. (20.3 cm.)
Weight: 5.9 pounds (2.7 Kg.) (includes double 16 cell battery)
Sound Level: 39dBA (on setting 2)
90%(+6/-3%) Oxygen PurityBattery Recharge Time – 8 cell battery  – Up to 4 hours
Battery Recharge Time  – 16 cell battery- Up to 8 hours


Inogen One G3 Unit – 3 years warranty
Batteries (8 or 16 cell) – 12 months warranty
Sieves  – 12 months warranty

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