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Sequal Eclipse 5 portable oxygen concentrator

Product Review (submitted on October 30, 2015):
As a COPD-patient living in The Netherlands travelling overseas need special preparations and I am extremely happy and grateful that PURE O2 was able to make my recent travels to the UK possible and comfortable . My experiences with the Sequal Eclipse concentrator are very good. I only use this machine in the hotels as I possess a portable Focus when I am on the move. A very strong point of the Eclipse is that it switches automatically over from AC to battery, so no need to change cables.
The only problem I had was switching the concentrator on and off. It needed quite a strong push on the button to get the machine going or to stop it. This may be more due to the lack of physical strength than anything else.
A special thanks to Paul Stoops and his team who delivered the concentrator to my hotels , perfect service whenever and wherever needed.