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Viamed 2160 overnight & daytime oximetry

Viamed 2160 Overnight & daytime oximetry meter is great value for money and is both suitable for clinical and home use. This is device is easy to link up to a PC and is ideal for overnight studies in detecting sleep apnea.


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POC 2160 Overnight Oxygen Finger Meter with easy to use PC software. Ideal for monitoring oxygen levels over a 24 hour period. Commonly used by respiratory patients and is also ideal for checking for sleep apnoea.

POC 2160 Overnight Oxygen Finger Meter

– Includes friendly & easy to use pc software
– Allows spot checking or constant monitoring of oxygen levels
– Hand held unit , extremely lightweight and compact
– Adjustable high and low alarm volume
– With a clear and bright colour screen for superb visibility in all lighting conditions.

Main Features:

For spot checking or constant monitoring of SpO2
Clear and bright, colour OLED display
Robust, ergonomic design with durable silicone protective cover
Includes a 3rd generation soft silicone sensor
Stores and restores up to 48 hours of trend data
Adjustable high and low alarms

The ergonomic VM-2160 hand held pulse oximeter has been designed with the most difficult conditions in mind. It has the durability of a compact and lightweight hand held unit for spot checking of SpO2, but also has the power and functionality of a stand alone pulse oximeter.

The VM-2160 incorporates adjustable high and low alarms for both the SpO2 and pulse rate with audible pulse tones, and is able to store and restore up to 48 hours of patient trend data, enabling the unit to also be used at the bedside for continual patient monitoring.

Utilising the latest Organic LED display technology, the clear and bright colour screen offers superb visibility in all lighting conditions, including direct sunlight.

The VM-2160 can be used in a variety of applications, from use in hospitals, paramedic ambulances, clinics and dental surgeries – making this an extremely flexible and durable piece of equipment.


Measuring Range: SpO2 45 – 100%
Pulse rate: 20 – 300 bpm: ARMS = 1.8 (70 – 100%) +/- 1 digit (<100 bpm) +/- 1% (>100 bpm)
SpO2: 660nm, typ 3.5mW
Pulse rate: 20 – 300 bpm
SpO2 ARMS = 1.8 (70 – 100%)
Pulse rate: 905nm, typ 3.5mW

Optical Specifications:

Red emitter: 660nm, typ 3.5mW
Infra-red emitter: 905nm, typ 3.5mW

Optical Specifications

Splash proof
11.8cm (l) x 6cm (w) x 2.5cm (h)
approx. 160g (with batteries, without sensor)
3 x AA alkaline batteries
> 2 days continuous operation or approx. 5 days in economy power mode USB 2.0
PC interface
Part Numbers

Standard accessories included:

1 x Reusable Adult Silicone Finger Sensor
1 x PC Software
1 x USB Data Cable
1 x Silicone Protector Cover
3 x AA Batteries

EN 60601-1, EN 865, ISO 9919:2005 Class IIb

Warranty: 1 year

Delivery leadtime is around 2 to 4 working days (If you are outside of the UK it may take longer)

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