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The SOEMAC Oxygen Therapy Device

SoeMac uses a new patented technology that helps the body absorb oxygen by producing a bio-usable form of energised oxygen from singlet oxygen energy source.


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Replacement Filters – Pack of 3 – £5.00 (Postage and packaging – £5.00)

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Product Information

SoeMac alternative oxygen therapy has helped a variety of people with a wide range of health problems, especially breathing, sleep, fatigue, and pain disorders.
SoeMac is a non-invasive British made oxygen device that works by drawing the air from around you, and producing a bio-usable form of energised oxygen that is released into the room. Simply plug into a mains supply, switch on and breathe normally. This small and compact device requires no cannula or face mask . The device emits a soft red light and a comforting whirring sound, which can help you to drift off to sleep more easily.
Many of our SoeMac users experience mild detox symptoms when using this product for example a mild headache may occur for the first few days of use, reports show this is entirely normal.
The SoeMac is classed as a complimentary therapy product, and is suitable for all ages, research shows especially children who sleep poorly.
Our research continues as to the bio-chemistry of this process; but we understand that SOE can help to relax the lungs and the cardio-vascular system, and improve the body’s natural utilisation of oxygen intake.

How can SoeMac help?

Some of our customers report  that SoeMac can:

– Improve quality of sleep
– Make breathing easier, especially for those with breathing conditions/difficulties
– Boost energy levels
– Improves cognitive functions e.g. concentration and memory, as a bi-product of more restful sleep
– Reduced anxiety levels often associated with their poor sleep
– Seek medical advice if you suffer from a serious breathing condition.

What Comes In The Package

– x1 SoeMac machine
– x1 Ac Power adaptor
– x1 Instruction Manual
– x2 spare filters
– Purpose Device Packaging

Technical Specification

L / W / H : 4 in. (10.2 cm.) / 2.9 in. (7.6cm.) / 1 in. (2.5 cm.)
Weight: 1.3 pounds (600g.)


SoeMac oxygen Device – 2 years


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