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The New Airsep Pocket Battery and Desktop Charger

The new Airsep pocket battery and desktop charger can be used with the Airsep Focus, Freestyle & Freestyle 5

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The new Airsep pocket battery, provides oxygen users with a more convenient, smaller and lighter style battery.


This package includes: x 1 Pocket battery     x 1 Desktop charger with UK AC mains cable

This desktop charger has the added option to charge upto two batteries at the sametime.


Pocket battery times:

Airsep Focus at 2lpm = 3.5 hours per battery

Airsep Freestyle 3 = 6.5 hours at 1lpm    3.5 hours at 2lpm    3 hours at 3lpm

Airsep Freestyle 5 = 5 hours at 1lpm   4.5 hours at 2lpm    3.5 hours at 3lpm    3 hours at 4lpm

2 hours at 5lpm

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