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Sequal Integra 10 lpm Oxygen Concentrator

Sequal 10 lpm oxygen concentrator is the best heavy duty and most reliable product on the market!

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Product code: 00034

Part number: 9621-SEQ

Medical oxygen concentrators should only be used by those with prior medical authorisation and businesses that sell them must be approved to supply medical oxygen. Appropriate documentation can be  faxed to 0207 681 3797, or alternatively call us on 0870 712 0202. Also VAT exemption may apply on this product – please call to find out more…

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The domestic Sequal IntegraTEN oxygen concentrator incorporates proven pressure swing adsorption principles into a unique patented ATF design which is far more efficient and reliable than conventional oxygen concentrators. The ATF based IntegraTEN Analog concentrator offers health care providers the cost effective answer to profitably thrive in today’s tough home care environment.

Features / Benefits

– Incorporates the maintenance-free ATF oxygen module

– Valve purge noise eliminated for “night silent” operation

– Delivers up to 10 liters per minute of continuous oxygen

– Easy to reach, large, low resistance flow control knob

– Easy to read flow meter is back flow compensated

– Control panel mounted on/off switch and circuit breaker conveniently located for ready reset

– On board analyzer with 3 light display to continuously monitor performance

Oxygen Concentration:

1/2 to 7 LPM = 93.5% (+/- 1.5%)

7 to 10 LPM = 92% (+/- 3%)

Oxygen Pressure: 7 psig


Power Failure (no battery required)

Irregular Pressure Alarm

Weight:  57 lbs


26.0″ x 14.7″ W x 19.1″ D

Warranty 3 year

Delivery leadtime is around 2 to 10 working days (This may vary for orders outside of the UK)

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