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ONYX ULTRA oxygen concentrator 20psi/10lpm 220v50h for Glass Blowing

ONYX ULTRA NEW oxygen concentrator 20psi/10lpm 220v50h for commercial uses only!


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The NEW improved powerful generator ONYX ULTRA + ! It is built to the highest specification. This model provides about 95% pure oxygen. It can run up to two infusers at any given time, and has a flow-rate meter which can be adjusted accordingly.

It is on wheels, making it portable. We recommend this unit for heavy-duty use such as glass blowing, or with oxygen bar equipment where the generator is located far away from the infusers, as the extra pressure power helps!




Product O2 flow rate    10 LPM* or 16 SCFH*

Product O2 delivery pressure  0-20 PSIG or 0- 1.3 Bar g

Product O2 purity        Minimum 90% at 8 LPM

Product gas characteristics      – 80 ?F dew-point, product delivered at ambient temperature



Air Consumption?

Air Feed Compressor Included

Average Power Consumption

1.2 kWh (? 8%)  per Nm3 of product O2 at 9 psig

*  SCF (standard cubic feet) of gas measured at 1 atmosphere and 70 ? F , 1 Nm3 of gas measured at 1 atmosphere and 0 ? C.

? standard  unit under standard design operating conditions



AirSep PSA Unit

350 Watts (220 V/50 Hz/1 phase)

*Local voltage to be confirmed. Electrical specifications may vary based on voltage/frequency requirements.



Dimensions : 40cm x 44 cm x 85cm (W x D x H) weight 28kg.

Product Gas Outlet : 1/4 NPT/B size oxygen barb adapter.

Easy to operate and maintain. With proper maintenance, unit can provide over 10-15 years of service.


SHIPPING INFORMATION: Estimated lead times / Costs in UK pounds

UK: 5 to 12 workings days / £20

Europe: 7 to 16 workings days / £150

Rest of the World: 10 to 19 working days / £200

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Warranty: 2 Year manufacturer Parts and Labour (Ex-works)

Disclaimer: These oxygen concentrators are not sold to treat specific medical conditions. For medical enquiries we suggest you consult your own GP first and then speak to our medical department.

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