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i-Fill Oxygen Conserver PulseDose 1000 with ML6 cylinder

The DeVilbiss PD1000 Oxygen conserver with ML6 oxygen cylinder regulates and controls medical-grade oxygen from a high-pressure oxygen cylinder. It is solely designed for use with the i-Fill cylinder range

Price £320 (exc. vat ) (Total inc vat £384)

Product code: 00173

Part# PD1000A-I-ML6


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Package includes:

1 x PD1000A pulse dose device

1 x ML6 cyinder fitted to PD1000A

Optional extra recommendation: Rucksack, nose cannula

Its compact and lightweight design means the DeVilbiss PD 1000 is easily fitted to an oxygen cylinder. The PulseDose waveform gives true 3:1 conservation of the oxygen in the cylinder. This allows the patient considerably longer use from the cylinder than they would have with the same cylinder fitted with a continuous flow regulator.

  • Durable, lightweight and easy to operate
  • High-impact polymer case resists damage
  • Gentle 10 LPM O2 flow
  • Protected cannula fitting
  • Small and light unit
  • Adjustable continuous flow flexibility
  • Easy-change AA batteries: 200 hrs life (2-4 months)
  • Field-serviceable, reducing turnaround
  • Acoustic alarm when no breathing is detected (Apnoea)
  • Maximum trigger rate of 40 breaths per minute, to avoid hyperventilation.
  • Visible battery check

Delivery of Oxygen using PD1000:  

PD1000 Setting

Delivery of Oxygen

1 1 litre per min 16.5 ccm
1.5 1.5 litres per min 24.8 ccm
2 2 litres per min 33.0 ccm
2.5 2.5 litres per min 41.3 ccm
3 3 litres per min 49.5 ccm
4 4 litres per min 66.0 ccm
5 5 litres per min 82.5 ccm
6 6 litres per min 99.0 ccm