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Airsep NewLife Intensity 10lpm DF + OM LTOT oxygen concentrator

NewLife Intensity 10 combines high pressure with high flow to create the premium 10 LPM oxygen concentrator. It is uniquely designed to meet oxygen patients high flow needs while providing the essential outlet pressure to drive special respiratory accessories, including large-volume jet nebulizers, venti-masks, and medication nebulizers. The high pressure from the concentrator also easily powers long oxygen tubing runs.
Operating at 20 psig (138 kPa), with up to 10 LPM single or dual flow capability, NewLife Intensity 10 is the only concentrator in today’s marketplace that combines both maximum high flow and high pressure oxygen in one economical power-efficient unit.

Product code: 00145

Part# AS099-10

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What Comes In The Package
x1 Intensity Unit
x1 Manual
x1 Tubing (2M)
x1 Standard Cannula
x1 7M Tubing(option extra)

AirSep Newlife Intensity unit – 3 Years

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