The Zen-O™ Portable Oxygen Concentrator supplied by Pure O2 ( has up to the minute technology which enables the unit to react to the patient’s breathing and supply oxygen accordingly. This unit is made in Britain and the sensitive breath detection system is patented to its manufacturers GCE. The Zen-O™ has the capability to deliver up to 2 litres of oxygen per minute with options for continuous or pulse oxygen flow. Alongside its rugged design, the Zen-O™ is ideal for those patients requiring long term oxygen therapy.

Zen-O™ - Best in Class

Pure O2 always selects the best units from reputable suppliers to ensure we provide our patients with the best products to help with ongoing COPD oxygen requirements. The Zen-O™ is relatively new to the market. It is best in class and comes with a 3 year warranty. Not only that but it has the benefits of low ongoing costs and a sieve bed which can be quickly and easily changed in the comfort of your own home. The Zen-O™ comes with its own carry bag and pull cart, AC and DC power supply and a battery. Another helpful feature of this portable oxygen concentrator is that you can purchase an additional battery which you can either use as a spare or you can slot it into the unit next to the original battery so extending the battery time considerably.

Zen-O™ Easy to operate

With clear and intuitive operational buttons, the Zen-O™ is very easy to operate for either the patient or the carer. It boasts a clear LCD display and has the benefits of audio and visual alarms to alert the user or the carer if you need to check any of the functions or the cannula etc. To learn more about how the Zen-O™ works, Pure O2 have produced a short film which you can view on our website. This shows you images of the unit in action and how easy it is to operate;

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