There are a number of different reasons why you might wish to rent an oxygen concentrator, as the staff at Pure O2 would tell you.  With their expertise and experience they have guided many COPD sufferers and/or their carers through the process of renting an oxygen concentrator.  Some people don’t want to have an oxygen concentrator all the time so they might not want to invest in purchasing their own unit.  Others just want to borrow one from us to give them peace of mind (and readily available oxygen) to use as and when they require it whilst they are travelling and away from their local medical support team.  At Pure O2 we are only too pleased to help you and discuss your oxygen requirements no matter the period of time for which it is required.

For what other reasons might I want to rent an oxygen concentrator?

Brand new oxygen concentrators are not always affordable for everyone, depending whether you have some savings put to one side or enough income to cover the costs.  Renting an oxygen concentrator is a great alternative for some people who find they don’t have the initial outlay to meet the costs to buy one. 

Another reason for choosing to rent an oxygen concentrator is if you are not sure which model to select.  You can always rent different units each month to see which one suits you and your oxygen requirements the best.  In fact you can then always buy the rented model from us once you have the funds available.

Which oxygen concentrators are available for rental?

For a full list of our rental machines you are probably best off giving us a call, so we can tell you what is available, but you can also look at the rental section on our website  The image shows the kind of oxygen concentrator models that we usually have available for renting.

On our website you can also see what some of our customers have said about Pure O2 and the service we provide on the ‘Testimonial’ page.  Here is a sample of what one of our oxygen concentrator rental customers had to say about their experience;

Absolutely 1st class service from Day 1 regarding initial enquiry about rental of equipment for holiday, delivery and pick-up arrangement. Everything spot on. Well Done O2.

Maureen Dwyer. Airsep Freestyle. 

So if you are looking to rent an oxygen concentrator from a trusted supplier with experienced but friendly staff and guaranteed customer service, then do get in touch with us at Pure O2. We are open for your enquiries 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  You can contact us on our 24 hour helpline on 0870 712 0202, or our UK freephone number (9am - 5pm) on 0800 145 5902 or alternatively if you are calling from overseas you can use our international number +44 (0)161 747 2617. Visit our website to find out more about our renting options.