DNAYou may have heard in the news recently that apparently your DNA may have a lot to do with your likelihood of contracting some kind of Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD). Whatever the reason or cause for your bronchitis, emphysema or other respiratory disease, you will invariably need access to portable oxygen. Pure O2 (www.healthoxygen.com) provide just that and have all the expertise and experience to guide you through the process of procuring or renting a suitable unit.

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When we are talking about something as important as facilitating breathing, at Pure O2 we recognise that this is crucial to your ability to carry out normal tasks and maintain a good quality of life. So we understand that you need to know that your portable oxygen is supplied by a well established, trusted and experienced team. The team at Pure O2 take pride in giving customers time and friendly advice, which result in many people recommending our services, here is one of our customer’s feedback as an example, but for more testimonials take a look at our website www.healthoxygen.com/index.php/testimonials.

“As a COPD sufferer of very long standing I must say, I am very, very pleased with your service, promptness of supply and quality of the apparatus. Your aftercare is second to NONE!! I cannot praise you enough.”

Smoking, DNA & COPD


So it would seem that the odds are not necessarily set fair after all, as this new research suggests that some people are destined to suffer with a respiratory disease even if they have never smoked! However in discovering this scientists may be able to find a way of reducing the probability of contracting COPD for everyone. The recommendation by researchers still suggests that stopping smoking is advisable whatever your genes. Smoking does increase your risk of COPD as well as heart disease. An HSE report suggests that there are 900,000 diagnosed cases of COPD in England and Wales alone and it is suspected that the true number of sufferers could be as high as 1.5 million. So if you are having difficulty in breathing or you find you suffer from breathlessness then maybe it is time you took a visit to your doctor. Using a portable oxygen can often alleviate your symptoms and help you to start enjoying your life again

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