So many people in the UK today are sufferers of COPD but may not realise that portable oxygen could really make a different to their lives. At Pure O2 ( we have the knowledge, experience and time to listen to your issues and day to day challenges, then find the best portable oxygen solution to meet your needs. We have portable oxygen concentrators that are small, quiet and easy to carry. Our trusted team of advisors are always on hand at the end of the telephone to discuss your requirements, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

"…my quality of life has improved and is enhanced- literally a new lease of life: I sleep better, have more energy, am more enabled, can think clearer- I never realised how sleep apnea and breathing problems robbed me of life. I completely recommend the use of Pure O2 products -oxygen is an essential in life."

Portable Oxygen

What you need to know about Portable Oxygen

The first picture you may imagine, when you think about taking oxygen around, might be an image of someone dragging along a large oxygen cylinder. You'll be glad to know that you no longer need to carry or pull along a cylinder with you, as our latest portable oxygen concentrators don’t use cylinders. The reason for this is that each unit creates its own oxygen simply by filtering the air around us, which means there is no limit to the amount of oxygen they can supply. Not only does this eliminate the need for carrying around heavy cylinders but it also means you are not required to wait in for your oxygen delivery. So in real terms these factors have a significant impact on your life. In summary this is what portable oxygen from Pure O2 means to you on a daily basis.

  • Freedom to go out 
  • Mobility to take part in your favourite activities
  • With long battery life and spare batteries you can take flights & cruises to far off destinations
  • With small units they fit into a shoulder bag or rucksack so become inconspicuous

So these are the practical implications but if you are interested in the technical detail, we can tell you that all our range of portable oxygen concentrators are manufactured to high specifications by leading manufacturers. What’s more they are all NHS approved and accredited to CE, ISO:13485 and ISO:9001. Please remember that these units are for medical use and therefore require medical approval from your doctor in order to purchase or rent a portable oxygen concentrator.

Zen O Portable Oxygen ConcentratorAll our portable oxygen concentrators are easy to use so don’t let a few buttons worry you. To see our full range of portable oxygen concentrators please take a look at our website, where you can also watch some short demonstration clips about how to use some of the units. However, remember that our team are very patient and happy to answer any of your questions. They like to help direct you to the best unit to suit your needs so you may find it easier to speak to a friendly voice on 0870 712 0202, or our UK freephone number (9am - 5pm) on 0800 145 5902 or alternatively if you are calling from overseas you can use our international number +44 (0)161 747 2617.