Oxygen CylindersHow many times have you had to wait in for the delivery of your new/replacement oxygen cylinders? Wouldn’t you like that to be a thing of the past? As the UK market leader in the provision of oxygen concentrators and all things to do with oxygen support, Pure O2 (www.healthoxygen.com) has a record of good service and guaranteed customer satisfaction.
If you use an oxygen management system which requires oxygen cylinders, then you may want to consider the refill unit available from trusted supplier Pure O2. The DeVilbiss i-Fill series of oxygen cylinder fillers enables you to refill or even top up your oxygen cylinder in the comfort of your own home, at no cost and no awkward delivery logistics.

Recycling the air around you

Recycling the airAs we think about the environment as part of our everyday life and recycling has become an element of routine, have you thought about the possibility of recycling the air around you for your oxygen needs? This is exactly what the DeVilbiss i-Fill series
units supplied by Pure O2 can do.

The iFill unit extracts purified oxygen from your room air using oxygen concentrator technology, and then pressurises it to fill oxygen cylinders. An ML6 (1.2 l) iFill cylinder can be filled in 90 mins. If the cylinder is fitted with a DeVilbiss PulseDose® Oxygen conserver, this cylinder will last for approximately four hours before needing to be refilled. For more detailed specifications see our website http://www.healthoxygen.com/index.php/store/oxygen-cylinder-fillers/devilbiss-i-fill-535l-mx-mixed-package-with-2-x-cylinders.html

Refilling oxygen cylindersHow easy is it to fill an oxygen cylinder in my own home?

With a purpose designed push-click connector, it really is very easy and straight forward to fill your oxygen cylinder. This method of cylinder filling allows for a simple, safe and secure connection between the iFill and the cylinder. All is required next is for you to press the start button and the control lights will then show you the cylinder is filling and then when it is full. It really is as easy as that. However if you need support you can always call our friendly and qualified team at Pure O2, who are always at the end of the phone to help you as and when you require it.

Refilling oxygen cylinders with room airBenefits of refilling cylinders with room air

  • You can refill your cylinders as and when you require and at your convenience
  • You won’t have to wait in for your cylinders to be delivered
  • iFill has the ability to top up half-full cylinders
  • There are a wide range of cylinder sizes available
  • Cylinders are available with PulseDose conserver
  • This system is safe and easy for you to use


For further information just pick up the phone and speak to one of the Pure 02 (www.healthoxygen.com) experienced staff on 0870 712 0202. Or you can use our UK freephone number (9am - 5pm) on 0800 145 5902 or alternatively if you are calling from overseas you can use our international number +44 (0)161 747 2617.