Sequal Eclipse Portable Oxygen Concentrators (POC) have developed a long way in the last decade, but the Sequal Eclipse is at the forefront of the industry’s technological development. The experts at Pure O2 ( always select the most reliable and functional equipment to ensure our customers have the best of the best.

So why is the Sequal Eclipse so good and when should it be used?

The Sequal Eclipse is suitable for heavy use, as well as ambulatory and overnight oxygen delivery using a nasal cannula.

The qualified and experienced staff at Pure O2 can talk you through the main features of the Sequal Eclipse portable oxygen unit, but here is a list of its functions:

Sequal Eclipse POC

  • Continuous flow & pulse dose 
  • Battery cartridge re-charges when connected to DC power 
  • Enhanced reliability through use of next generation internal components 
  • Approved for Rx of 0.5 – 3.0 LPM continuous flow and 1 - 6 LPM on demand mode
  • Pulse Dose volumes from 16mL to 192mL
  • Introduction of AutoSAT Technology meets the patients changing respiratory rate
  • Three available rise time options—Fast, Medium, and Slow
  • Three Adjustable Pulse Dose sensitivity settings
  • Easy access to battery AC and DC adapters 
  • Smaller, yet more durable batteries
  • Safety feature in Pulse Dose Mode, the device will change to a continuous flow of oxygen if a breath is not detected, continually searching for a breath every 15 seconds

The Pure O2 website details the full specifications and sizes for this unit as well as a short video clip demonstrating how the Sequal Eclipse works.

Sequal Eclipse Video image
Can you put a price on your health?

At Pure O2 we understand that you may need the best equipment to help with your COPD condition, but you may not have the budget to match. To help our customers in this situation, we not only offer new units to buy, but at Pure O2 we also have units to rent which means none of our customers have to miss out on obtaining appropriate equipment for their condition just because of the price. For those with some funding we also offer reconditioned units at a discounted rate.

To discuss your COPD equipment solutions give us a call and talk to one of our qualified and experienced staff on our 24 hour helpline on 0870 712 0202, or our UK freephone number (9am - 5pm) on 0800 145 5902 or alternatively if you’re are calling from overseas you can use our international number +44 (0)161 747 2617.