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A sign of the times – portable oxygen for an ageing population

Friday, March 2, 2018,3:16 pm

It is well documented that the UK has an ageing population and it is has been often discussed how this will impact on the health service and economy going forwards. At Pure O2 we are aware that many of our customers are pensioners, as COPD and respiratory disorders generally affect people of 55 and above. Having a portable, lightweight oxygen unit is often a key criteria for our more senior customers, enabling them to get out and about to enjoy the activities in which they have always been engaged. Whether that is fishing, singing in a choir, walking, shopping, taking trips to places of historic interest, or simply visiting family and friends or going to your favourite restaurant, with a Pure O2 portable oxygen unit you will be able to maintain your freedom.


Ageing statistics in the UK

There are over 10 million people who are aged 65+ in the UK but by 2050 it is estimated that this figure will have almost doubled to 19 million. Already there are more people in the 65+ age group than in the under 16s, partly due to the fact that many people are living longer, which is demonstrated by the even faster increase in numbers of the very elderly. Invariably as the average age of our population increases, the demand for respiratory associated care will also increase. However there is no need to suffer alone, using oxygen has been shown, not only to help with breathing but also increases energy levels and mental agility. Pure O2 provide a range of portable oxygen concentrators to enable even the physically less mobile to get out and about.


How do I carry my portable oxygen concentrator around?

Pure O2 supply a range of portable oxygen concentrators (POC) of varying sizes with a number of options for transporting them around. Pure O2 can offer lightweight bags which look just like a shoulder bag, or backpacks which free up both your hands. Alternatively if you prefer not to have to carry your POC you can wheel it behind you on a specifically designed trolley.


I need to talk to someone who will understand my situation

Whilst at Pure O2 our business focus is on supplying quality portable oxygen units to our customers, what we really pride ourselves on is that we take time to listen to each individual customer and help you decide which concentrator, portable or otherwise, is best for your requirements. On top of that we can offer options to purchase or rent to suit your budget.

So don’t be afraid to pick up the phone, as when you do you will get to speak to one of our caring, friendly team. You can
contact us on our 24 hour helpline on 0870 712 0202, or our UK freephone number (9am – 5pm) on 0800 145 5902 or alternatively if you’re are calling from overseas you can use our international number +44 (0)161 747 2617.


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